We celebrate the many ways each of us brightens our lives when we brighten our spaces, and we work every day to inspire people to make their homes as distinctive, beautiful, and captivating as they are.

We Promise

Our dedicated vision is to offer friendly, prompt, and convenient after-sales, return, and exchange services. Should you have any concerns or requirements, please reach out to our support team in advance. We commit to responding within 12 hours and ensuring a satisfactory resolution. 

At rayonshine.com, we collaborate with trusted payment partners such as Stripe and PayPal, ensuring the security and reliability of your funds. If for any reason we're unable to resolve your issue, you can always request a refund through your bank.

By thoughtfully curating our selection of lighting and home decor products, we try to inspire our customers to discover and express their own unique style, while minimizing the guesswork and amount of time required to find the perfect piece. We offer a wide range of styles so every customer can find something that speaks to them — from traditional to modern, country to coastal, and beyond.

Rayonshine Lighting boasts an impressive selection of fixtures and accessories, from hundreds of manufacturers. Our robust supply of more than 1000 products includes both indoor and outdoor lighting fixtures and home decor. We have a great selection of interior lighting products such as chandeliers, table lamps and sconces.

Our Products

Personalized Ervice

We don’t just sell lighting - we also design and produce it ourselves! Did you know many of Rayonshine products are made in our China workshop? Our in-house artisans design and craft pendants, outdoor lights, lampshades and more.

Our Colonial Metalcrafts Collection is a known and necessary resource for architects, designers and home enthusiasts who seek to replicate or reference the traditional colonial aesthetic. Made with high-quality copper and brass, each lighting fixture is painstakingly hand crafted and bench made by our team.

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