How Ostrich feather is breaking the Mother's Day home decor!

As Mother's Day approaches, it's the perfect time to celebrate the woman who fills our lives with love and warmth. This year, why not surprise her with a gift that adds a touch of romance and elegance to her home? Introducing our exquisite ostrich feather lamp series – a stunning collection that breaks the conventional mold of home decor and brings a sense of luxury and charm to any space. And to make this Mother's Day even more special, we're thrilled to offer a generous 15% discount on our entire ostrich feather lamp series. Simply place your order and use the discount code "MOMLOVE" to take advantage of this exclusive offer. Event time is limited to: May 1st to May 14th.

The unconventional Ostrich feather lamp is the creation of artist James Perkins; The story goes that in 2013, guests to his house, started requesting lamps of their own, so artist began producing the lamps on a small scale. Who would have imagined that after six years, they would be in such high demand that the likes of Osborne, Little and Harrods would be using them in their marketing campaigns?

(Ostrich Feather Chandeliers)

An illuminating palm tree, glowing with exquisite ostrich feather foliage, the feather lamp takes centre stage in any luxury setting and delivers a luxurious statement to any design or styling project.

The ostrich feather lampshade is available in eleven opulent hand-dyed shades and two hand-finished base finishes.

(Ostrich Feather Brass Floor Lamp)

Lighting as a decor tool is not to be underestimated in creating a brilliant design — and lamps are a major part of that. Using such lighting elements as decor can completely transform the look of a space.

Breaking apart from the usual ceiling downlights and adding a feather lamp or a chandelier to an interior setting, can offer the much-needed mood and warmth as well as drama. Thus, making it functional and aesthetically pleasing at the same time.

These lamps are curated art pieces and work well for an artsy vibe. The feather lamp is a versatile element that can be used in residential, commercial and retail settings as well. They can be used with an art deco style interior or a raw and edgy interior.

(Ostrich Feather Table Lamp)

Rayonshine also has a pretty decent collection of Feather products. Go check it out! (Click to view)

However, the use of ostrich feathers is not just limited to lamps but can be used for making beautiful centrepieces, wall decor, or just an elaborate canopy, the options are endless.

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