The rayonshine Animal Kingdom Table Lamp Series

Our collection takes inspiration from the animal kingdom, featuring designs that range from the majestic elephant to the serene turtle. With careful attention to detail, these lamps are designed to capture the essence of each creature, from textured finishes that mimic fur and scales to vibrant hues that reflect the animal’s true colors in the wild.

1.Squirrel Table Lamp / 2.Rabbit Table Lamp / 3. Rabbit X Table Lamp / 4.Mouse Table Light / 5.Monkey Resin Table Lamp

Every lamp in our collection stands as a showcase of artisanal excellence, with details lovingly handcrafted to achieve perfection. Take for instance the delicate brushwork on the Rabbit lamp, where each stroke adds depth and character, or the intricately sculpted fur on the Monkey lamp, capturing the playful essence of this mischievous creature. 

Not only are these lamps visually stunning, but they're also designed for optimal functionality. They provide a warm glow suitable for reading or creating ambient light in your room. Moreover, with energy-efficient LED compatibility, these lamps are as kind to the environment as they are to your eyes.

Thematic Variety

Our Animal Kingdom Table Lamp Series presents a delightful array of choices to suit any personality or decorating theme. For those who appreciate the gentle charm of woodland creatures, we offer the serene Rabbit lamp. If you fancy the clever antics of urban wildlife, the Mouse lamp provides a touch of cunning whimsy. For a playful spirit, the Monkey lamp swings into the heart with its jovial expression. And not to be overlooked, the Squirrel lamp, with its bushy-tailed elegance, captures the playful yet industrious nature of these adorable foragers. Each lamp is designed to harmonize with your unique style, bringing the endearing qualities of these animals into your home.


Constructed with the finest materials, these lamps are built to last. We stand behind the quality with a comprehensive warranty, ensuring that your lamp will be a long-lasting companion.

These lamps are perfect for any setting. They make adorable additions to a child’s bedroom, provide a quirky touch to a modern living room, or add a whimsical twist to a home office.

Looking for the perfect gift for an animal lover in your life? Look no further. These lamps are not just functional; they're a way to show you care with their unique charm and character.

For a limited time, we’re offering a special discount on the purchase of any two lamps from the series—because one is never enough when it comes to these adorable creatures.

The Animal Kingdom Table Lamp Series is more than just lighting; it's an adventure, a piece of the natural world, a light that tells a story. Illuminate your home with these enchanting designs and make every corner a reflection of your love for nature and art.

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