25 Unique Bedroom Lighting Ideas That Go Beyond a Table Lamp

Ideas for Lighting in a Bedroom

Bedroom Wall Sconces

Meet a small bedroom’s best friend. A welcome addition in small rooms everywhere, bedroom wall sconces add ambient lighting where it’s needed without taking up too much space. Since it attaches directly to the wall, it works well in an area that’s too tiny for a bedside table. Another selling point? If you don’t want to sacrifice valuable nightstand space to a table lamp, a bedroom wall sconce leaves room for the fun stuff like books, a carafe, a clock, or any other essentials you might need during the night.

Thanks to its smart design, you don’t need to worry about hardwiring it either. Some bedroom wall sconces come in a simple plug-in option that make it easy for even the novice DIYer. 

Low-Profile Ceiling Fans

Gone are the days where a ceiling fan needs to dominate the entire ceiling, which is great news for homeowners without ceiling height to spare. A low-profile ceiling fan keeps the light and the blade up higher, while the design is more nondescript. Based on the color you choose; it can even fade into the ceiling.

Placing a low-profile ceiling fan in your room provides a nice breeze to keep you cool while you sleep and creates white noise. Instead of your standard flush mount, know that you have low-profile ceiling fan options that offer cooling power and modern design. Don’t stop at your bedroom, guests always appreciate temp control in their rooms too.

Bedroom Chandeliers as a Ceiling Light

Don’t stick with the standard glass domed flush mount light that came with the house. Replacing generic finishes is an easy way to add more fun and character to a room. A ginkgo leaves chandelier or a glitzy crystal flush mount are way more fun to look at. There’s no rule that a chandelier only belongs in a dining room. Add one to a walk-in closet or a bedroom with high ceilings to dial up the drama.

Pay attention to scale though, you want to make sure that your bedroom chandelier is not too small or oversized. If you’re dealing with ceiling heights under eight feet, try a flush mount that has the same style chandelier as a chandelier with less clearance needed.

Bedroom Pendant Lights

If you’re short on space and don’t like the look of a sconce on the wall, try bedroom pendant lighting instead. Big in kitchens, many people don’t know they can hang on either side of a bed too. Since bedroom pendant lights attach to the ceiling, the cord or rod drops from the ceiling creating a dramatic line down to the bed, drawing your eye to the bedframe. Voila, instant focal point.

If you’re using a light attached to a cord and want to add more structure, a basic shelf bracket acts as the ideal anchor. However, you choose to hang a bedroom pendant light, if the light is above a nightstand make sure there is at least twelve inches between the surface and the light. You’ll also want to make sure that if you’re using a clear glass fixture that the light is soft enough to be by your bedside. You want to avoid light fixtures for bedroom ceilings that might be too bright for your bedroom.

Mismatched Bedroom Lights

Matching nightstands and table lamps on each side of the bed isn’t required. If you want to mix up your bedroom lights or don’t have the space to accommodate another nightstand, don’t be afraid to try a new combo. The possibilities are endless. Try a sconce, a chandelier, or pendant light opposite a table lamp or even just two different styles of bedroom lights.

To keep the look of your bedroom lights feeling cohesive even with mismatched objects, find a unifying factor like shape, color, or metal finish to tie it all together. Remember, the goal of a nightstand is to eliminate visual clutter while keeping what you need to get a good night’s sleep close at hand. Just make sure that whatever alternate bedroom lighting option you choose helps to achieve that.

Tips for Designing a Bedroom Lighting Plan

Beyond choosing the best bedroom lighting, here are a few pointers to maximize the room’s functionality while still creating a relaxing space for sleep. 

  • Think beyond overhead ceiling lighting and focus on task lighting. Make sure you have a lamp where you need it. So if you love to read in bed, make sure you have the right table lamp or bedroom wall sconce. Or include a lamp next to your favorite chair. If you can fit it, you can even place a bedroom light fixture in your closet. 
  • Avoid bright white, fluorescent or blue light bulbs in the bedroom. Not only are they jarringly bright, they can impact your circadian rhythm. 
  • If you’re feeling stumped about how to choose a bedroom ceiling light, look to the design styles of the rest of the items in your room. Choose a bedroom ceiling light that either complements or contrasts the existing styles. For example, if your bedroom skews more traditional, the clean lines of a modern light could help provide balance.
  •  If you’re wondering what finish to choose, look at the other metal finishes in the room. Warm metals work well with other warm metals, while a black finish can blend in with either warm or cool metals. 

 Just remember that the next time you need to add more light, that you’ve got stylish bedroom lighting ideas that extend beyond matching table lamps on your nightstand.

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